relentless pursuit


The Passage: Nehemiah 4:19-21

The Point: Encourage one another.

As Nehemiah’s band of brothers was laboring to build the wall, they were separated from one another. As they were working on their section of the wall, it was easy to feel alone. It was easy to forget the energizing encouragement of knowing you have brothers and sisters who are working toward the same vision. Relationships with our brothers and sisters are a means of grace that God uses to pour encouragement and love into our lives. Nehemiah’s solution to the problem of separation was communication. When someone needed help, they would blow the horn and other laborers would rally together.

When you’re following the Lord, it’s easy to feel lonely. When we’re isolated and separated from the support of the community, it’s easy for our faith to weaken. We’re more vulnerable to temptation and discouragement in these times. This is why we need to blow the trumpet when we’re under attack. When we’re feeling tempted, we need a brother we can call or a sister with whom we can pray.

I have a lifelong friend who is a missionary in India. He doesn’t have a lot of believers around him on his mission field. Every now and then, he’ll call me if he’s feeling attacked or discouraged so I can listen, pray for him, and encourage him to press on. And when I’m feeling lonely or troubled, I do the same thing. To fight isolation, believers must prioritize meeting together for worship, prayer, planning, and training.


  • Do you feel isolated in your faith right now?
  • Whom can you reach out to for spiritual support and encouragement?
  • How can you help others who are laboring to advance the gospel?


  • Who can you encourage today?
  • How will you be more authentic in relaying your struggles?
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