relentless pursuit


The Passage: Nehemiah 4:15-18 

The Point: Let’s get each other’s backs. 

It was Spartan Race time. The training was over and race day had arrived. There was nothing left to do but run hard and leave it all on the course. We had a team of five and we were moving at a good pace. But about half way through the race it became evident that one of our team members had not trained adequately. His calf muscle cramped, and I found myself stretching it out and trying to get that thing to loosen up. A successful team has to have each other’s back and be ready to step in to do whatever is needed!

That’s what Nehemiah’s team did. They carried spears and swords to protect their brothers, while they kept building the wall and moving forward with their God-given vision. There’s something powerful about being on a team and working toward a God-sized vision together. There’s something powerful about knowing the people around you are passionately pursuing the same goal. There’s something powerful about knowing the person next to you has got your back.

We hope this is your experience as we all get on board with the Relentless Pursuit initiative at Family Church. We believe God is at work and we want to join the team so we can accomplish His purposes.


  • What gifts or talents has God given you that will contribute to our efforts as a church?


  • In what ways can you support those around you?
  • What support do you need from others? What steps have you taken to get that support?
  • How can your leaders help you find your place on the team?
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