relentless pursuit


The Passage: Nehemiah 2:17-18

The Point: Speak up!

My wife was one of the first girls I met in college. I didn’t fall for her immediately, but over time and as we hung out in our community, I really began to like her. Then in our second semester of college, I stalked her class schedule and switched into her communications course! She had no idea I was doing that. Creepy? Hey, it worked. She noticed me. And we’re married now so it doesn’t matter. But there was one thing I didn’t quite plan for once I got her attention. I had to actually speak in front of her. I was a terrified 18-year-old trying to communicate impressively.

When you saw today’s title, you probably thought, “Oh great, a lesson on how we all need to speak, preach, or teach.” This is only half true because I have a different angle. Nehemiah told the people the trouble they were in because of the broken city walls. God’s name was at stake in Jerusalem. And while God’s name is not at stake in a city wall today, it is at stake in the lives of His people. You may be wondering how you’re going to do what God is calling you to because your walls are broken down and your life is a wreck. Maybe you don’t know how to build others up when you are broken. What you need to hear today is that you are not Nehemiah, Jesus is. Jesus is a greater Nehemiah who speaks up on your behalf and rebuilds your walls.

You won’t advance his Kingdom by your own strength or talent. Your job is simply to tell others, “My life was once a wreck, but then I met Jesus and He’s been the answer to my problems ever since.” As God’s ambassadors, our identity is wrapped up in our calling to declare His goodness to others. This isn’t a communications class speech where you have to have it all together. This is a conversation about a real God who wants to save us and build us up.


  • Do you feel qualified to share the gospel? Why or why not?
  • How is Jesus a greater Nehemiah?
  • How does that encourage you?


  • What walls are broken down in your heart?
  • Write down how the gospel gives you hope today.


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